Rules And Regulations

  1. The educational session of the college will commence from 16th July each year .
  2. The application form for admission in B.A. and B.Sc. first Year would be issued from 10th of June
  3. 30th June would be the date of registering and submitting the form with all the corresponding attachments.
  4. Students would be given admission only after the list of Successful candidates be issued.
  5. Allotment of the disciplines would Solely depend upon the Committee organized for conducting the entrance examination.
  6. The last date of Admission to 2nd, 3rd and higher classes would be decided 10 days after the declaration of result of pervious year.
  7. No students of other colleges are allowed to take admission to higher classes in this institute .
  8. Students of SC class would enjoy the weightage given in the fees only after the produce their respective certificates. The above mentioned procedures would be carried out only after the clear order for admission is obtained by the students.

Rules Regarding Discipline

If a students is found irresponsible by behaviour are blasphemous, the principal is free to alligate him with the following:
  • 1. Fine
  • 2. Suspension
  • 3. Expiation
  • 4. Restication
These allegations will be opened a bearding the conduct of the students the fine can be Rs. 200 or above suspensions would not be more them b weeks. Expultion would be of any duration which would be nearly the duration of a session. Restication would be for the year of its application, it can also be extended to 2 year, in addition to this a fine of Rs. 100 would be deposited at the warden's office plus Rs. 50 at the library.