Manager Message

Mr. Bhishma Shankar Tiwari
National P. G. College

Learning is all pervasive and also a self active process Child’s learning starts from his mother’s womb and continues till the end. We train the animals also but we can not educate them. Training is the entire change while education leads to inner change the attitude, perception, understanding.

Education removes darkness and makes life brighter for ever. From Education only all round development is possible. Education makes a person polite, polite- ness increases ability, and ability gives maturity. Only a committed person is successful in every walk of life. We, here at National P.G. College are committed to develop a high quality, professionally groomed educational manpower, possessing multifaceted personality, respect for professional and social ethics, national values and the spirit of human emancipation. We commit ourselves to continually upgrade the curriculum matching with global needs and priorities, the delivery methodology and the infrastructure facilities through periodic self-assessment and formal reviews.

We are further committed to the welfare and professional development of our employees by providing necessary opportunities and facilities for their self-development in a conducive and congenial environment, promoting teamwork and proactive participation.

The social context of education in India presents number of challenges. The education system does not function in isolation from the society of which it is a part. Hierarchies of caste, economic status and gender relations, cultural divergence, uneven economic development that characterizes Indian society influence not only accesses to education but also participation of students in college. <

The mission of the college is to stimulate the academic environment for promotion of quality in teaching-learning process in the institution, by doing so making this college as the best centre of higher education in Uttar Pradesh.